Now you can have Google account without a Google+ profile

Google has decided that it will roll back its policies which required the users to link their Google accounts to their Google+ profiles. Ever since Google introduced this feature, many people began criticizing it and demanded that Google should take it back. So from now on, you will not be required to use your Google+ identity for all other websites and services. YouTube is probably the site where most of the user interaction takes place and people comment using their profiles.

YouTube was also the site where the users protested the most against the policies. Google understands that it was also the cause of growing anger among the users of Goggle’s products and services. Regarding this, Google’s VP for stream, photos and sharing has written a post stating ,”We’ve heard that it does not make sense for your Google+ profile to be your identity in all the other Google products that you use.” He also said Google has got many things correct, but has had to rethink about some of the other policies. The new changes will be integrated with the existing framework over the course of the next few months.

These changes aim to make a more focused Google+ experience. As Google is becoming a platform where people of the same interest gather and share their experiences, new features like Google+ Collections are on the way. These new features will allow you to enjoy a more streamlined feed and you will be able to look at the content, posts etc. on the topics that you care about. Apart from this, Google also plans to remove the features that would not be of much importance to you. An example for this can be the fact that Google will remove many elements of Google+ Photos to the Google+ Photos App. The locatable on sharing will also be moved to Hangouts or other apps where they truly belong.

The next best thing will be that the users will be able to use their Google accounts without a Google+ profile. This was perhaps the most annoying thing as the users had to create an extra Google profile in order to share, comment or communicate with other users on various Google sites. Many users felt that they were being bullied into using something that they don’t want to use.

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