What do you need to know about Rich cards introduced by Google

Google’s rich snippets saw wide acceptance. Now Google has introduced Rich cards which represent a new format for search results but are similar to rich snippets. Rich cards are also based upon the schema.org structured markup. It helps display content in a better visual format and mobile user experience. Using rich cards, the search results are displayed in carousels. With carousels it is easy to scroll and these can many cards for the same site or many sites. This gives the site owners another opportunity to attract more users. For example, if you own a movie website. You can make it richer by building a rich preview including content plus an image. This will help users in find what they want easily. Google has started showing rich cards for 2 major categories i.e., movies and recipes. For now they are available only on mobile search. Google is still experimenting with rich cards. The web-giant has also introduced some tools as well as an updated documentation.

You can check out the gallery here for various markup types.

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