Google announces two changes that will ease the access to content on mobile

Google Search has always been characterized by the goal of helping users find the results to their queries as quickly as possible. Then, it shouldn’t matter on which device. Google, today, announced two major changes to its mobile search results that will make it easy for the users to find the content on mobile.

Well, Google introduced a mobile-friendly label two years ago that helped users in finding the pages where the content could be read without zooming the text. It also made it easier to tap buttons and links wherever there was sufficient spacing. Since then, Google’s mobile search ecosystem has been evolving and the label is now used by 85% of the pages. However, the search giant says that the label will now be removed so as to de-clutter the search results. But, the mobile-friendliness of a page will continue to play a major role in its ranking. Google won’t stop publishing the mobile usability report.

Google has noticed that even though almost all the pages have readable content, they also include intrusive interstitials. These interstitials block the content and make it difficult to be read. This is very frustrating for the users because it delays viewing the result. Such pages lead to a poorer user experience compared to the pages which do not show any interstitials. Starting January 10, 2017, such pages including interstitials won’t be ranked well. The interstitials include popups covering the main content, standalone interstitial that has to be dismissed first to see the content, etc. Also, there are other interstitials that won’t be affected by these changes. These include login dialogs and banners that take up only a reasonable space and can be dismissed easily.

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