Yahoo is testing a new SERP interface, Follow the steps to Preview It

Yahoo has set up a new experiment on SERP interface. You can preview it by following the below mentioned simple steps:

1. After going to, open the browser’s developer console.

Google Chrome -> Tools -> Developer Tools
Mozilla Firefox -> Web Developer -> Web Console
Internet Explorer -> Developer Tools -> Console

2. Copy-paste the code shown below into the console:

document.cookie=”B=bn05rdhbpc3dg&b=3&s=b1; path=/;”;window.location.reload();

3. Hit enter

4. Refresh the page and voila!

In case, you are not able to enable the experiment using the above steps, try this:

1. Install the extension in Chrome.
2. Load
3. Go to context menu -> Edit Cookies
4. Look for cookie named B and replace its value with this one:
5. Click on “Submit cookie changes”.
6. Hit Refresh.

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