Google reiterates the policy of widget links

Google has always taken strong action against the creation of links that can hamper the PageRank of a website. Today, again, the search engine giant is introducing few changes to its policy of widget links creation.

Widgets are a great aid for the website owners for improving their site’s experience and engage audience. However, there are some widgets that add links to the site without the knowledge of the webmaster. These links contain anchor text and are not created by the webmaster. Google terms these links as “unnatural links” since they have not been placed naturally by the webmaster. Therefore, these are against Google Webmaster Guidelines.

The webspam team of Google may take some manual actions toward these links. Whenever, the webspam team takes a manual action, the site owner will be notified via Search Console. If you receive any such warning regarding unnatural links to your site, Google recommends that you work with your webmaster or SEO specialist to resolve the issue and submit your site for reconsideration.

These issues can be resolved by ensuring that they don’t affect PageRank. For doing so, you can add the attribute rel= “nofollow” on the widget links. Plus, you can remove the link itself. Make sure you notify Google of any changes you make by submitting a reconsideration request. This can be done through Search Console.If your reconsideration request is successful you will get a notification. Don’t forget to check out the Webmaster Guidelines on Links here.

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