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Google Recommends AMP, Here's why:

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Google recommends to AMPup your mobile pages toward a better mobile web experience. We are in 2016 – the era of smartphones where the whole world is moving onto mobile platform including web. However, the speed of mobile websites is still limping behind. No wonder why a majority of users are abandoning the mobile sites because they just refuse to load. Google decided to improve mobile web experience and so has come up with “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (AMP) Project. This open source initiative actually started six months ago. Google started directing visitors to the AMP pages through top search results on mobile browsers. Since then, a number of news, entertainment, e-commerce, and travel sites have adopted AMP. Presently, google has recorded 150 million AMP pages and every week around 4 million pages are being added. You can see a preview of the Google’s AMP support here.

Google further added that this won’t change the ranking system of the sites. The AMP has grown far beyond just the publishers. The above mentioned preview shows web results which have an AMP version. Tapping on these results will take you to the corresponding AMP pages that can be viewed in the AMP viewer. To test the concept, you can type in anything and see how AMP amps up your reading experience. To see the sites who are already into developing AMP content you can go to The “Who” Page. To learn further on how to implement it you can check the official guide here. And of course, you are invited to contribute to the project.

Img Source: Resultfirst.com